Weekend adventures

I had a great weekend enjoying some of my favorite things in life.  Spending time with friends, cooking, loafing around the house, and going to estate sales!  On Sunday I finally set aside some time to snap a few photos of my little estate sale treasures.  It always takes longer than I expect to get things cleaned up, photographed, uploaded, and blah blah blah.  Something that over time I hope to become much more efficient with, because as it is my "process" leaves much to be desired.    
{cocktail glasses}
{serving tray and matching coasters}
{table linens}
{serving tray set}

When going to estate sales you can never know what to expect.  In houses packed top to bottom with centuries of what most would call junk, there is bound to be an oddity or two that makes you think "what the &#*%!"  KC (my trusty estate sale buddy) and I came across one such oddity on Saturday morning when we crossed paths with not one but two paintings of the same spine chilling portrait at two completely separate houses.  The first one was spotted at a house with not much else of interest, it was framed and stacked amongst several other "art" pieces on the floor of an empty bedroom.  We made note of it, but moved on quickly because of its creep factor.  The next time we spotted this figure it was more decoratively framed and still hanging on the wall.  It was even executed in a slightly different manor, making it obvious this was not purchased at whatever the 1975 equivalent is of at allposters.com.  I'm not exactly sure what style this image is indicative of, but it is definitely one that I hope never ever has a revival.

{creepy ghost lady with a cat}


  1. i've never been so afraid. and I love cats and blondes.


  2. I've missed going to estate sales with you ladies. Creepy cat lady looks like a glorious find!