weekend to-do

1. Penssy Flea Market
2. Ikea
3. Sky gaze. The Weather channel says my area wont have much of a chance to view the Perseid meteor shower. But I will be perched on my balcony with a glass of wine and my fingers crossed.

Lust list...

herbal essence

My new apartment has a not so ah inspiring entry. For starters it's small, approximately 3' x 3'. To add insult to injury, the only "usable" wall space is comprised of a door leading to the garage. So, with no floor space to speak of, and a hint of unwelcoming garagy smell, I brainstormed contraptions that would mask such an eyesore.
Several made the list, but in the end the best solution was the simplest, and I think the coolest. I'm so excited about this project, I enjoyed every minute of putting it together!



Shoe organizer turned magical plant/catch all/entryway jazzifier! Besides being green and pretty, the herbs mask the smell of the garage, and all the remaining pockets provide convenient spots for keys, bike accessories, mail, and all the other junk that needs a place to live.

A sneak peak into the future...

and the future looks bright!
me in 40 years.