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Hanging by a Thread

I'm bummed that I wont be going back home for Thanksgiving for the second year in a row.  Though I am very thankful that I have amazing friends to share the day with.  The day we are calling "Friendsgiving"! 
One of the major upsides of hosting "Friendsgiving" for me is getting to decorate.  I'm not much for seasonal decorating, but I'm one hell of a party decorator!  For this special occasion I am going mobile...

5. Green Laundry  6.  Cursive Design   7.  Frazier & Wig    8. Design Sponge  

My two loves

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of my lovely reupholstered chairs.  I had the absolute best time with this project!  Anyone know someone looking for a new upholstery apprentice?  Because I'm your gal! 


Atelier Eva Juliet is the cutest little print shop on etsy.  I love all of her positive vibe posters and of course the french cullinary prints.

Un Foulard

I love accessories, most that know me are very aware of this fact.  This summer I took a liking to hats... that was a flop. My dome is too large and it just throws the whole proportion off. So I'm moving on. The new accessory of the season for me will be the scarf! Un Foulard! I'm also taking French lessons, so I feel this is quite a fitting fashion accessory for me to take on at the moment. If all goes well and my fashion truly embodies that of a French woman then this may even help promote my learning the language. I need all the help I can get!

I was looking around online for un foulard to start my collection when I came across the designs of Vera Neumann. Her use of color, her pattern work, really everything about her makes me so stinking mad I don't already have a collection of scarves signed with her adorable little lady bug. I'm also crazy jealous of her sweet digs in upstate NY. They may be slightly out of date and probably not even around anymore, but I would love to have a factory full of hand screen printing tables and printing machinery.