Spending Hiatus: Week 1

I think this is going to take some getting used to. For the most part I've done quite well. I have been faced with temptation and I have concurred. Again I say, for the most part. These are only minor slip ups I assure you, and they have not gone unnoticed.
I had a rough day at work yesterday and on top of that I spent my lunch hour at the orthodontist. My head hurt, my mouth hurt, and my mash potato dinner was just not cutting it. So I went to the corner store for some chocolate. I called my mom on my walk and the second I told her what I was doing she says "what about your spending hiatus?!" It's just a candy bar, so I didn't let that stop me. In a matter of minutes I was home and about to eat my day saving chocolate when I realized I needed to call my aunt. I don't know why this surprises me but "news" in my family travels at an alarming speed. In the time it took me to walk the 1/2 a block back to the apartment, my mother had already sounded the alarms on my spending hiatus breach. My aunt informed me she had just gotten off the phone with my mom. I didn't ask, but one can only hope that my candy bar purchase was not the sole purpose of that call. Luckily I know I have at least one person on my side. My uncle overheard their conversation about me and my minor infraction and said "cut the girl some slack, it's only a candy bar!" Thanks uncle Larry!

A few things that I really want but have refrained from buying are:

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