Spending Hiatus

I have decided to embark on a spending hiatus. For the next 30 days I vow to do my absolute best at not spending money on any non-essential items.
In the past the line between non-essential and truly essential has been more non-existent for me. So this experiment is really a way for me to examine more closely the things I'm spending money on, because no purchase should be made without purposeful thought.
There are two exceptions I'm going to allow myself:
1. I will not sacrifice my social life, so purchases in the entertainment category are allowed, with discretion of course.
2. The term "essential" can be used loosely for estate sale and thrift store purchases.
Trips to the grocery store and farmers market are of course fully acceptable, but candy, baked goods and coffee shops are to be avoided at all costs!
So here I go, the fun starts today! I will keep you posted on all of my successes and, if all goes well, few failures (I'm only human).

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