From the desk of

I love Joshua Longbrakes work, and when I came across this photo I thought it bared an amazing resemblance to the place I sit and work every day. What most people would call a desk, but I have not seen mine in so long, I can not be entirely sure it's still even under there.

Vivian Maier

I'm in love with the work of Vivian Maier! I'm also intriged by her life story and how her work was discovered.  I can't stop looking at these photos.  Check out this video to find out more about her. Images via Vivian Maier-Her Discovered Work.

Barn Heaven

My mom is building her own little slice of heaven on a foresty (not a word, but it should be) plot in Kansas.  I'm always on the prowl for some good inspiration imagery.  I think I hit the jackpot with this one...

Images via Shed

Snow Day

Worst blizzard since 1967!  Everyone meet me in Humboldt park for the best snow day celebration ever!