prepping for the big day

I absolutely love Halloween!  Actually what I love is making a costume and dressing up.  It just so happens that the most widely excepted day to do this is Halloween.  Being that we are 4.5 days into October, according to my book I am way behind on costume production.  I have yet to decide what I will be.  I do at least know the theme {circus freak}, I just need to narrow it down.  Here are my options so far.

bearded lady
snake lady
tattoo lady


  1. OK, I vote for the bearded lady, but don't forget the bushy eyebrows. And I also want to see that corset tied waist.

  2. I know this is not one of your choices but I would like to see you change it up, and go as a fair princes.

  3. Don't think that it did not cross my mind.