Happy Friday!

A rep brought me these flowers for being the biggest pain in my ass and calling and emailing a total of 15 times in one day! I forgave him, but told him next time to have patience and faith that I will call him back when I have a chance.
It's like the old man that sold Beth and I our dining room table off of craigslist said. We were on the phone trying to coordinate a time for us to pick it up and he says to me in all seriousness, "So when you call me, if I'm not here, I have an answering machine. You can leave a message on it and when I get home I will know that you called and then I can call you back." What a genious concept!

I do love the pretty flowers though :)


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  1. That guy had to be an engineer, they think they have to explain every obvious thing in the universe...like I have time for that!