I'm better, I'm back!

Once upon a time there was a magazine called Domino. This was a fun little design magazine treasured by many. I used to love flipping through the pages looking at all the pretty pictures of all the pretty spaces. I would tear out the pages of the ones I liked most and file them away with every intention of referencing them regularly. A custom I know many people have.
I recently came across my notebook full of Domino clippings and now realize that my passion for this ritual died along with the magazine, March of 2009 to be exact. The day Conde Nast broke a little piece of my heart and stopped publication of the magazine, blaming it on the economy. LAME!
Recently the interwebs have experienced an influx of online design magazines. Restoring my heart to its full and happy condition and showing that silly Conde Nast how it's done!

Economy schmonomy, heres to those smart go getter's who know how to keep with the times.

I do still miss the physical act of flipping through the magazine, tearing out the pages and stowing them away (so what I'm a boarder line pack rat).  But this is me, keeping up with the times. 

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