saturday - with a man in a wig, bundling twigs

The day has finally come!  I have started a blog.   Here I plan to share all that consumes me.  May that be projects that I am working on, places I am going, things that inspire me, or things that I think are just plain cool.  That being said, let me tell you about a place that I went today.
Recently there was a write up in Time Out Chicago about Creative Reuse Warehouse.  A warehouse that according to the article, or at least how I perceived it, was floor to ceiling packed with doodads, gizmos and  oddities galore.  In short, a place that an estate sale junkie like me dreams about.  So my friend and I wasted no time driving to 135th street south Chicago to check this place out.  For those of you who are not familiar with Chicago 135th is far out there, way far out there.
We arrive, ring the bell, and wait.  While we wait we are peaking through windows, around corners and over fences to try and see what wonders there are in store for us.  What lied beyond was this...

one of the many aisles of boxes 

shoes hanging on a wall (no idea)

top shelf is where i keep my old luggage hauling truck too!

because one rearview mirror is never enough.

this paper was laminated and in a box full of junk inside this car.  it was weird

collection of old safes that seemed to be rescued from under water.

cool old container in the brush out back

this little guy reminded me of The Brave Little Toaster.  Haha, don't really know why

Not at all what we were expecting.  We spent about an hour roaming around the three buildings and over grown rusty truck ridden lots.  Although quite a wonder, and full of oddities, the place lacked a certain sense of, I guess I'll call it necessity.  It was fun to explore, but not the crafter/artist resource we were so hoping for.  By the looks of it you would expect that I left empty handed.  But that would mean you don't know me.  I scored some pretty cool leaded glass balls and a pair of army suspenders (for my grandpa).  Oh and in the warehouse in the back lot we met an interesting man who was sporting a females wig, no doubt one of his Creative Reuse Warehouse scores, who was bundling twigs.  All sorted by length and width and bundled with masking tape.  He was a nice enough man, but by the looks of him he could have easily been cast in the next Saw film.  Scary!  All together a pretty interesting saturday morning! 


  1. Congrats on your blog! What an interesting adventure for your first post!

  2. I love the name "estate of grace"...great! Wish I could have seen the guy with the wig, I'm thinking of going crazy and need some pointers. Love ya, Aunt Deb

  3. Hi Abs,
    Looking forward to reading your blog regularly. Curious about the leaded glass balls. Are they marbles?
    Love Aunt Sher