My two loves

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of my lovely reupholstered chairs.  I had the absolute best time with this project!  Anyone know someone looking for a new upholstery apprentice?  Because I'm your gal! 


  1. Love these! Just curious how much did you pay for these originally? There's a man in town that runs a very old run down upholstery shop and he has two of them just sitting in his studio that he said he's had for 30 year. I think he'd sell them if I made an offer. I just have no ball park figure in my head... Thoughts?

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  3. Thanks Rachael!
    I was lucky enough to get these from a family friend, free of charge. Assuming the chairs you're looking at are in good condition (specifically the frame) I think in your situation $50 would be a fare price for the pair.